Detect and Prevent Cyber Attacks before they happen.

We use Petri Net modeling for advanced Cyber Security in Your Applications. Gain Access to World Class Protection at Enterprise levels.


View all your outstanding contracts, and get analytics on the reliability of different vendors.

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Get alerted of an offending clause long before it becomes an issue.

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Include regulations within your contract to enforce compliance.

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Cutting Edge Detection, Protection and Prevention For Any Level of Application

Your business process data automatically mirrored to provide the best possible and comprehensive system protection and monitoring

Cyber Security Backed By Machine Learning

No matter where the threat comes from, or in which form, we provide a unified framework to handle all cyber attacks.

Defining Breach attempts in plain language

We provide easy modeling and description of sources and intensity of attack, seamlessly representing the dynamics of your system software and hardware.

Petri nets are a powerful tool backed by cutting-edge mathematical research, and firms shouldn’t trust anything less.

Detect, Potect, Define.

We protect your system no matter where or who you are. No threat is is too small for us no detect. No threat is too big to handle.